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Discover the power of Speaking with Impact, Influence and Confidence and unlock your true potential with The Speakers Index. Our platform provides the tools and guidance you need to authentically share your message with the world.

Build confidence, impact and influence on your speaking journey


Unlock your innate speaking abilities through training, coaching and personalised feedback that will help you feel poised and self-assured on any stage.


Craft compelling narratives and master dynamic delivery techniques to captivate your audience and drive your message home with lasting influence.


Develop leadership presence and persuasive speaking skills that will help you inspire action, change minds, and position yourself as an authority in your field.

Personalised feedback and coaching

Get tailored guidance from experienced communication experts. We’ll analyse your unique speaking style and provide feedback to help you refine your technique and elevate your stage presence.

Access to expert-led workshops

Unlock your full potential with access to a curated selection of expert-led workshops. Gain insights from industry leaders, refine your presentation skills, and learn cutting-edge techniques to elevate your public speaking prowess.

Feature in our Magazine

Featured Speakers

Our quarterly magazine showcases the inspiring stories and tips from our members who have taken the stage. Get featured and share your speaking journey.

Speaker Spotlight

Feature as our FRONT COVER Speaker in our high-quality publication that is distributed to bookers and key industry partners. Increase your visibility and build your brand.

Bookers Tips

The best event planning tips including what to avoid and how you can maximise your event impact.

Join our community of exclusive speakers

Connect with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and elevate your speaking skills together. Our vibrant online 100 Club Facebook community provides a supportive network to help you grow and thrive as a speaker.

Stage and Training Days


Hands-on Workshops

Dive into interactive workshops led by experienced speaking coaches. Hone your skills through practical exercises and real-time feedback.


Live Performances

Take the stage and deliver your content in front of a supportive audience. Receive personalised coaching to refine your delivery and technique.

Subscription plans and pricing

The Exclusive 100 Club

(£97 per month)

Get access to our core features, including:

Private FB Group

Live Monthly Training 

Q&A session and feedback 

Mastermind Sessions

Featured Magazine Listing sent to bookers and industry experts

Speaking Event Listings with Contact Details

Speaker Profile promoted across Social Media

Additional Fee

F2F Training Days

F2F Full stage Days 

Speakers Journey Book Participation 

1-2-1 Bespoke Coaching 

Front Cover Magazine Feature 

Elevation Framework

(Coming in 2025 - 12 month programme)

Designed for those who want to take their speaking experience and their business to a whole new level. This plan includes everything you need to elevate your business, your brand, your personal development, your networking and your ultimate speaking experience to success.

You’ll have three levels to complete, GROWTH (first 6 months), BRAND BUILDER (3 months) and ELEVATION (3 months).This is for serious contenders only though… those who want all the tools to succeed within these 12 months. It’s about commitment, but not just from you. We will be committing too and there is plenty on offer that would whet the appetite of any ambitious speaker.

Because this is such a bespoke framework and involves real focus both from you and us, we are only accepting 10 people per year on this.

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