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Thanks to the Internet and social media, it has never been easier to publicly demonstrate your expertise, show your skills or get your message across to the global community.

Gone are the days of extensive laborious searches for speaking events and opportunities or being at the mercy of someone to invite you as a guest.

You can easily record a video on your mobile phone without having to invest in expensive equipment to get a good promo video made, which you can then feature on your business website, your social media profiles or on pages you created. Or if you are in public speaking groups, you can share your video there, if this is part of the group’s remit, as part of your interactions.


Why not create a 10+ minute video for our Speaker Matchmaking group to be seen and heard? You can record it at any time convenient for you and no matter in which time zone you live. After recording your video, simply upload it into the group as a new post and we will show it as part of our fortnightly (bi-weekly) Showcase Wednesday showreels.

Creating videos and creating an online presence is only one way to get your message out there and increase your credibility as a public speaker. There are so many more opportunities now thanks to the digital environment we live in:

  • Write and submit an article to a magazine (like MO2VATE Magazine, for example) to get published to a wider if not global audience
  • Write a book – or become a co-author in a collaborative book project (which, for example, like The Book Chief Publishing House offers)– to share your experience or expertise and become a published author or co-author
  • Offer to speak at virtual or local networking events or put yourself forward to run a short workshop.
  • Write and submit blogs or posts that show your knowledge or message – but not only on your own website. Submit some blog-style posts in public speaking groups that have a combined audience of Speakers and Event Organisers (like the Speaker Matchmaking group).
  • And finally, get yourself listed in directories that do not only list Speakers but also Organisers and where all kinds of Event Organisers are advertising their events or opportunities (like the new revised Speakers Index Directory).


Being visible online and increasing your credibility is key in our digitally connected world for anyone offering products or services. Your visibility as a speaker will certainly benefit your business, whatever you may offer, and sharing your message has the potential to inspire and empower people across the globe.

Elke Wallace

Elke Wallace

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