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Tips for Speaking Clearly

When we deliver a talk, speech or presentation, we want to make sure people understand clearly what we are saying.

It’s not only about the words we use but also about the way we use our voice to deliver those words and the confidence with which we deliver them.

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Be visible!

Thanks to the Internet and social media, it has never been easier to publicly demonstrate your expertise, show your skills or get your message across to the global community.

Gone are the days of extensive laborious searches for speaking events and opportunities or being at the mercy of someone to invite you as a guest.

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Anxiety or Excitement – that is the question

The planning and preparation is complete. The time of your talk is moving ever closer. You notice you are getting a little jittery, tense, nervous?

You may think these emotions indicate worry or anxiety, because you are speaking at a new unfamiliar event, along with other people you may or may not know. Maybe you are the keynote speaker of a huge event, and you have no idea who may be in the audience.

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