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Speakers Index

Want to be featured?

✅ You’ll get a FULL PAGE in each edition which will showcase your whole profile and headshot

✅ The digital version will be emailed out to up to 1000 organisers worldwide (whom we know hold large events, conferences, summits etc)

✅ You’ll have the opportunity to purchase ‘hard copies’ of this top quality magazine to take to your events, gift your clients or to drop into local coffee shops or offices. You can even send a copy to pitch to potential contacts.

✅ You can advertise your business, books, and offers alongside your FULL PAGE to enhance your space in the magazine and make yourself stand out even more.

✅ Ever fancy being a Cover Girl or Boy? Well this is your chance! On a first come first served basis, everyone in the magazine will get the opportunity to be on the front cover. If you don’t get the front cover, we also have the back cover, both are premium features when it lands through the organisers virtual letterbox!

✅ We’ll prepare a short promo video which you can use to promote your spot in the magazine, especially if you’ve taken out advertising as we’ll make this a priority clip.

The difference between us and other Agencies or Directories...

They work on commission as well as a signing up fee

They don’t actively go out to organisers on your behalf

They don’t promote you beyond their own website

Some are hard to communicate with and to reach

They don’t invite organisers to contact you directly

They don’t have a magazine to put you in the spotlight

They don’t have active projects outside of speaking to raise your profile

They don’t provide opportunities to collaborate with your fellow speakers